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About Us ;

We don't have big community but we can do everything with our community.

We will back soon with more projects...

-Our Discord Tags ;

  • Kuzey Dursun : RAVEN#2212
  • Mert Akdeniz : Zowdy#6487
  • Oğuzhan Aslıtürk : LuiN#4542
  • Baki Kayatürk : WalmauR#9831

-Our E-Mails ;

We are working on ;


-After Effects

-Graphic Design



Our Discord Servers:

Link Below:

What are we doing in Discord server;

  • Our first priority is helping our friends.
  • Our second priority is enjoying playing & talking with our friends.
    • "In our Discord Community we have a lesson help section, You can ask whatever you want."
  • We Mostly Playing : "Rainbow Six Siege / Space Engineers" for now.

-We Thinking Open Game Servers at The Future!

Rules 4 Join Our Community

  • We Have Some Rules for Our Discord Server!!!
  • The rules are below;

- We don't accept any kind of racism.

- Heavy swearing is prohibited

- Advertising will not be allowed. Including private message.

**New Rules Will Be Added At Future // Website is under development**


Q: Is The Age Important ?
A: -No! We do not discriminate in terms of age, provided you comply with the rules of respect.

Q: How We Join To The Server ?
A: -There is a link on "INFO" page.

Q: Why the website is too short ?
A: -There is only one person who knows HTML. That's why we're moving slowly.

Q: When will game servers opening ?
A: When we reach "500" Member in our Discord Community.


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